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Customers & Partners

“The Targomo API is technically impressive and easy to integrate. Within one month we were ready to launch our new feature. Plus, their team was always there to help with the process.”
Amel Taibi, Head of Product at Seloger, a leading real estate platform in France
“This platform helps us to provide the best transit system possible and that is something the whole community and our customers will gain from.”
Trude Flatheim, strategic traffic planner with Ruter#,
the public transit authority of the Greater Oslo Region, Norway
“Thanks to Targomo's route planning, we can complete 40% more deliveries on time.”
Tech Lead at a Delivery Service

A Leading Real Estate Platform Uses Location Intelligence to Transform House Hunting

SeLoger, one of France’s most popular real estate platforms, introduced a ground-breaking way to deliver a better search experience for their users.

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Location Intelligence Optimizes Oslo’s Public Transit Network

Oslo’s public transport authority Ruter uses location intelligence to easily analyze the impact of network changes and to win support from politicians and commuters.

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