Getting started with Targomo Javascript API



r360-js requires an API key to use. You can get started with our free tier here: Free-tier signup.


Use of Targomo services requires attribution, unless you have a custom plan which excludes this obligation. OpenStreetMap and other data providers need to be attributed as well. Details can be viewed here.


Get r360-js with npm:

npm install route360 --save


Get r360-js with bower:

bower install route360 --save


You can also access our libs via our CDN, if you are not using a build process:

    <!--  Include jquery - required for XHR requests -->
    <script src=""></script>
    <!--  Include r360.js -->
    <script src=""></script>

Integrate with your app

We have specific utilities in our API for LeafletJS and the Google Maps API. We have not yet completed specific utilities for Mapbox-GL, as the svg approach we use for leaflet/google will not work in that system. We have, however, been prototyping some uses, and you can check out our basic Mapbox-GL example.