This section introduces and showcases the features of the services that we provide. This is the place to start reading if you have just learned about Targomo and would like to get more detailed, slightly technical, and more in-depth information about our services.

Polygon Service

What can be accessed in how much time? Targomo Polygon service is the fastest way to visualize access.

Multigraph Service

The future of visualizing reachability is the Multigraph service.

Points of Interest Service

Find out which interesting locations are reachable around your new office!

Reachability Service

Say goodbye to point-in-polygon tests. Our Reachability service calculates actual travel time to thousands of targets.

Routing Service

Query routing information for hundreds of targets for all travel types. Going from A to B? We know the way.

Statistics Service

Visualizing reachability is great, but quantifying it is better. Calculate population/demographic statistics for your area of influence.

Fleet Planner Service

Configurable calculation of efficient routing for multi-vehicle, multi-destination delivery scenarios.