The Targomo Route service makes it possible to route from a list of sources to a list of targets. For each source-target combination you will receive routing information like travel time, trip length and trip segment coordinates. For transit routes you will also receive public transport related information such as start/end time, stop names, route names, etc. You can even get a list of transit recommendations which enable you to build detailed timetables like this:

The generated transit routes are based on public GTFS sources included in our solution. Take a look at your desired region on our Availability page. Here we list all the GTFS sources we currently use. Let us know if you want any additional sources to be included in our route service. Contact us with specific links to GTFS sources, names of public transport agencies or simply regions that you think are missing.


In case you want to get your hands dirty or play around a little you can try this example. Drag around the markers, and see how the Route service re-calculates the routes.