Visualizing the area we can reach from a location (or the area that can reach us) is a great tool for communicating reachability. That said, it doesn't tell us much about who or what we can reach. The Targomo StatisticsService is a powerful tool for quantifying our reach. How many poeple can access our location in a certain time? How many people of a certain demographic can reach our location?

Targomo's Statistics Service gives you the numbers to go with your visualization

Primary use-cases for the Statistics service:

Site selection

Where should we build our new bank branch? Compare the potential reachable population between several options - even tailor it to a specific population demographic.

Analyze service saturation and gaps

Look at where your entire network of locations can reach - identify areas which are underserved (potential new location) and areas which are overserved (potential location closure).

Potential impact assessment

Building a new service/facility? See how many people are affected by the project's area of influence.

Competition assessment

See where your competion if failing to provide their services to identify economic opportunities.

Marketing potential

Hitting the streets to distribute marketing media? Visualize and quantify areas which are reachable by foot and correspond with your target profile.

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