Location, Data, Analytics

Targomo provides a unique web-based solution for geographic network analysis, data, visualization, and route planning. We serve both, internal and external applications with our platform. Our unique offering combines the power of location, data, and analytics.

How does it work?

The Targomo technology provides a platform for large geographic network analysis, route planning and visualization to power complex geo applications. From location analysis to route planning, from infrastructure optimization to analytics about the performance of your store: the Targomo platform powers your business with state-of-the art geo capabilities. You decide how you want to use our platform: sign on to our Targomo API and start the integration in your solution with a few clicks. Alternatively you can contact our Sales Team and get them to quote for an individualized enterprise solution. Too easy.

Do you want to try it out?


There are two ways to make use of Targomo

Do it yourself

Get your API Key and start coding yourself - start from scratch, or build off one of our guides

Let us do it

Trust the pros - we can build bespoke applications for you, using Targomo technologies

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