Optimize your business
through Location Intelligence.

Location Intelligence represents the key enabler of

almost all processes, systems and applications.

It gives us the computational force to understand and design our

activities with respect to locations and mobility.

Targomo’s Location Optimization Platform fuses geodata and non-geodata of different sources in a holistic way and across manifold application domains.

Its core features allow you to integrate, analyze and evaluate complex locational and mobility-related information.

With Targomo’s platform you will improve your working conditions, find optimal and fair solutions for location-based challenges and strengthen your businesses against competitors to provide better services to your customers.

Close gaps!
Know where customers wait for you to open up next.

Repeat success!
Find alike locations of your best performing businesses.

Stay focused!
Keep an eye on your KPIs and manage results throughout your locations.

React smart!
Try out how changes on your business will transform your values.

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