Propmatch wanted to set up an innovative way to match supply and demand in the real estate industry. The challenge was to come up with superior evaluation and comparison of existing and available real estate objects.



Targomo provided its platform and integrated specific relevant data of the Swiss real estate market and location data of the entire country of Switzerland. With the help of multimodal transportation grid analytics, every potential location can be compared with each other. This requires an extreme computing power in real time. In this way bench marking and scoring of potential objects can be achieved within seconds. This enables a new and superior way to manage real estate portfolios. By analyzing existing investor portfolios and linking this with available objects, a superior new way of matchmaking was established.



With the help of the Targomo platform, Propmatch was able to provide a sophisticated real estate analysis platform. In addition, suggestions for potential investor profiles are provided, a new and efficient way to unite supply and demand. Propmatch says: “Targomo revolutionized the way we do business and made us implement an innovative business model. It has helped us take our company to a new level of success.“

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