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And start using TargomoLOOP for your Business.

Setup your personal Location Optimization Platform and get empowered to unfold values for your business. In three easy steps we cover your needs and give you the keys to our garage.


We take care how to solve your challenges and answer questions what you need to get best insights. With your data we arrange the best combination with other sources to fit in your version of TargomoLOOP.


We support you to harmonize data, get connected to existing systems and put your new Location Optimization Platform in place.

Get Started

Login to Targomo’s solution and start right away with your Intelligence challenges. Upload new data, modify existing stacks or visualize your insights from the beginning with no hassle.

Targomo helps to unify data sources from different systems and providers. Bring your values together in one platform and optimize what matters most: Your Business.

Multiuser Administration

Whether your organization is small or big with Targomo everyone can participate on Location Optimization. Build groups for projects or administrate rights for functionalities.

Access everywhere

With a web-based technology and accessible from every device Targomo gives you freedom to work on your challenges where ever and when ever you want. 

Data freedom

We keep an eye on your and external data for best performance. Don’t be limited by one data provider choose whatever you want to validate your decisions.

Reporting Tools

Share your insights with your team and visualize for better understanding. Stay updated on projects, new opportunities or actual perfromances at anytime.

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