We had the honor to present our Targomo business model at an event at the Experience Studio McKinsey Berlin in their offices on the 12th floor of the Rocket Tower, a great place in the middle of Berlin right next to the building of Axel Springer.


Targomo disrupting a billion US Dollar market

Our presentation focussed on the disruption we provide with our unique web-based solution for geographic network analysis, data, visualisation and route-planning. In fact we are disrupting the USD 30.71Bn market for geospatial analytics, a market expected to grow to USD 73.91Bn in 2021 (following a study by markets and markets).

Our unique data structure is based on hierarchical clustering and computer graphics approaches for efficient processing. The Targomo data structure allows for massive parallelisation and in-memory processing and we provide data deeply integrated to enable efficient querying.


McKinsey Berlin presentation a huge success

The evening at McKinsey Berlin proved really worthwhile with many interesting client talks and lively discussions. The evening was opened by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner and his inspiring speech on Corporate Innovation. We look forward to many more of these presentations here in the digital centre in Berlin.

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