When organizations have to reach multiple destinations within a short span of time, determining the most efficient manner is critical to success. To find the optimal itinerary, multiple constraints such as vehicle restrictions, priorities, and deadlines have to be taken into account, often under changing circumstances. Our cloud-based solution, TargomoFLEET, offers an effortless and flexible way of finding optimal routes between multiple desired stops, tailored to individual business needs.

Fully Automate the Planning Process

Whether you want to determine the right directions for your bike delivery service or calculate complex schedules for your service workers, TargomoFLEET will solve the problem for you automatically within seconds.

Optimize Routes

Discover the best route between multiple desired stops and choose which potential means of transport you want TargomoFLEET to consider, even within a single route.

Increase Efficiency

Select whether you want to optimize for fleet size, travel distance, or number of stops and benefit from the perfect allocation of your resources.

Integrate Individual Constraints

The calculation of your routes will factor in a large number of use-case specific constraints such as end points, stop duration, driver breaks, and vehicle restrictions.

Get Precise Arrival Times

Our ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival) will tell you exactly when you will serve a stop even before your drivers started moving.

Scale Your Business Comfortably

Easily add new endpoints and routes without worrying about scalability. As your business grows, let TargomoFLEET handle your large-scale operations.

Identify Improvement Opportunities

Daily and weekly reports will reveal how you can smooth your operations further and enable you to improve continuously.

Dynamic Real-time Planning of Last Mile Delivery

Avoid long queuing orders during high-demand phases, optimize last mile deliveries by easily adjusting your routes to rapdily shifting conditions (e.g. amount of available drivers).

Continuously Adjust Priorities

As circumstances change, dynamically adjust which variables you want to prioritize, such as working hours or deadlines.

Factor in Required Skills

If certain stops require special conditions such as expert skills, you can include these factors seamlessly in your route planning.

Bring Together Multiple Participants

TargomoFLEET will easily disentangle complex scenarios for you, such as scheduling stops that demand the presence of different people at the same time.



Optimal Route Planning

Based on your desired stops, TargomoFLEET will calculate the optimal routes to reach them in the most efficient way within seconds.


Priority Balancing

If multiple constraints such as deadlines and working hours collide, dynamically determine which variables to prioritize under specific conditions.


What-if Analyses

Instantly observe the effects small changes would have on your entire route network.


ETA Calculation

Our ETAs will tell you exactly when your stops are being served, allowing you to stay in control anytime and making your customers happy.


Multi-Day Planning

Plan routes over several days and integrate overnight stays.


Interactive Visualization

Use interactive maps to maintain an overview of your logistics and change destinations via drag & drop.


Restriction Management

Vehicle as well as load restrictions, working hours, and driver’s breaks are automatically accommodated into your route calculation.


Reporting Tools

Use daily and weekly reports to share your insights with your team and identify new opportunities for improvement.


Gap Analysis

Get an automated analysis that compares planned against actual results.


Adjustable End Destinations

Before planning your route, choose which vehicles should return to their starting point and which ones end their trip somewhere else.


Seamless Integration

Smoothly adapt TargomoFLEET to your existing business operations and run our algorithms on top of your established data structures.

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