Analyzing, planning and predicting the performance of business locations is one of the key challenges for virtually every organization worldwide. Just slight geographical differences may trigger exponential consequences regarding the number and times of people visiting a certain store, using a bus stop or seeing a specific advertisement. Even more importantly, every single location is deeply connected to other locations within the same network—so that even seemingly small decisions and actions will prompt far-reaching economic effects. In combining advanced geospatial analytics with artificial intelligence, Targomo will enable you to master these effects and provide a solid foundation for every decision regarding your short and long-term business strategies.

Understand and Reproduce your Own Success

There are thousands of variables that influence a store’s turnover—and nearly all of them can be attributed to its unique location features. By integrating external geo-referenced data with your own store data, advanced machine learning algorithms can analyze each location’s sales volume and identify the Location Performance Indicators that are most influential. Based on these insights, you can reproduce the performance of your best stores in new locations and limit economic risks substantially.

Optimize your Business Locations

The intersection of your business data with customer statistics as well as reachability and mobility data will allow you to get a comprehensive, detailed picture of your current retail footprint. This facilitates the identification of over- and underperforming branches and will show you the real potential of your current, as well as prospective new, locations. Avoid cannibalization effects with your own or your competitor’s branches.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

To reduce expenses and increase efficiency, each store’s product mix has to exactly meet its customer’s needs and expectations–at any time. Using intricate data models of your specific catchment areas, Targomo will help you to assess local product preferences and anticipate shopping trends. Consequently, you can plan a dynamically changing product selection, adjust prices, tailor your services and identify unmet demands.

Get the Whole Picture of your Trade Areas

Targomo’s gravitational models open up a holistic view of your stores’ unique neighborhoods, shaped by a complex combination of demographic details, POIs (Points of Interest), traffic conditions, and commercial setup. You’ll be able to forecast how a competitor’s move will impact you and weigh the effects of distinct go-to-market strategies. This knowledge will provide the foundation for your diversification strategies and pave the road to enter uncharted territories.


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