When planning the routes for delivery vehicles, field experts, or maintenance round trips, finding the optimal solution is one of the most time-consuming and time-critical operations in contemporary businesses. The challenge becomes even greater as soon as additional constraints have to be met, such as load restrictions and deadline prioritization. Established schedules get outdated quickly as new information needs to be taken into account regularly. With its location intelligence technology, Targomo simplifies a wide range of logistics planning processes, instantly increasing efficiency, saving costs, and providing flexibility.

Use the Ideal Route

Whether delivering delicate grocery items by bike or visiting real estate objects via public transport, our logistics algorithms will automatically calculate the optimal route between multiple stops. Enjoy perfectly coordinated schedules, decreased overall costs, and happier customers, while maintaining control of your individual business constraints.

Organize Delivery Centers and Zones

Identify the most effective locations for new delivery centers taking into account your entire supply chain as well as customer profiles, social demographics, and local preferences. Additionally, our AI-powered location intelligence will help you to outline the delivery zones with the best expected ROI (Return on Investment) for your business.

Stay Flexible

Our tour planning provides the greatest possible flexibility to adjust routes and schedules on the fly. Dynamically prioritize orders and deadlines, while working hours, driver’s breaks and vehicle restrictions are taken care of accordingly. Even with new requests coming in, deadlines changing and delivery vehicles returning, you’ll be able to accommodate constantly shifting conditions.

Master Complex Demands

Specific demands, such as a requirement for expert knowledge or the sharing of third party resources, increase the complexity of a scenario (e.g. specific individuals that need to be present during different stops). While most scenarios are unique, our generic approach allows you to easily adjust routes for various special preconditions.

Improve Continuously

The more information you’re gathering about your trips, customers, and orders over time, the better your future routes will meet your needs. Our daily and weekly reports of your logistics performance will further help to advance your business step by step. Through comparing planned and achieved results, maximize your resource utilization and identify the most effective opportunities for improvement.


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