Searching for a place to live is a very intimate and personal process. The demands and priorities of a homeowner who mostly uses their car diverge widely from those of a tenant who solely travels by bike. Yet, users of real estate portals are only given tools to explore, but not to discover: Until now, they had to consult various external services to create a list of desirable locations that exactly catered their needs. Targomo’s innovative technologies will fundamentally change the way people are looking for properties. By comparing different regions and unlimited individual criteria, your real estate portal can deliver the most tailor-made search results—and introduce neighborhoods your customers never thought about before.

Provide a Personal, Interactive Search Approach

Targomo’s advanced reach-based services allow prospects to search for real estate based on their preferred means of transport as well as travel times. This way people can explore the surroundings of a potential property based on the way they move about, providing much more value than any preselected area based on administrative borders.

Enrich Property Profiles

Present relevant and personal search results. It will become possible to filter results by proximity to important locations, and to characterize properties based on amenities and personal targets nearby. Empower your users to fully investigate their individual catchment areas and make weighted decisions according to their preferences. You can help your customers identify the best suitable offers and move their needs into center stage.

Offer Previously Undiscovered Neighborhoods

By accommodating your customer’s preferences and taking into account the commute to daily destinations such as workplace and schools, you can draw attention to neighborhoods and properties not considered before. Additionally, you can enrich catchment areas with socio-demographic statistics and POIs (Points of Interest) that truly meet your customer’s needs. Through aggregating multiple factors, you can further present an intuitive characterization of neighborhoods, e.g. identifying them as family-friendly or arts & culture oriented.

Increase Customer Retention

Make your customers feel empowered and involved. Eliminating the need use of alternative tools and services will keep them on your portal. Through knowing what your customers really want, relevant new offers can be pushed to exactly those people that are looking for them, endowed with exactly the information they are looking for.