Isochrone API

Visualize on a map areas that people can reach from one or more starting points.

Key Features

  • Get polygons to show time (isochrones) and distance (isolines) in self-explanatory maps
  • Available for car, bike, walk, transit and multi-origin travel scenarios

Use Scenarios

Single source isochrone polygons

Visualize a 30-minute bike catchment area around a restaurant to see where timely bike deliveries can be made.

Multi-source isochrone polygons with UNION mode

Find the total area which is served by a retail chain - and visualize the whitespots which are not covered.

Multi-source isochrone polygons with INTERSECTION mode

Find the area where a couple can rent an apartment which is within a reachable distance of both of their workplaces.

Get isochrone polygons as SVG-optimized compact json or compatible GeoJSON

For use with our leaflet and googlemaps client libraries (using SVG layers), set "serializer":"json". For GeoJSON polygons you can use anywhere, set "serializer":"geojson" and "srid":4326.

Return time-optimized or distance-optimized polygons

"edgeWeight":"time" to get isochrone polygons (shortest time optimization), or "edgeWeight":"distance" to get iso-distance polygons (shortest distance optimization).


Basic inputs (see docs for more)

  • sources: array of starting points
  • edge weight: “time” or “distance” optimization
  • travel type: “walk”, “bike”, “car”, “transit”
  • rings: array of edge weights to be returned as polygon rings
  • intersection mode: “average”, “union”, “intersection”, “none”
  • serializer: “json” or “geojson” output format


Basic outputs (see docs for details)

  • json serializer: Custom json format, in EPSG:3857, used by Targomo-js libs
  • geojson serializer:" GeoJSON MultiPolygons, 1 feature per ring

Operations counting strategy for public use

maxRoutingTime: each 60 minutes is counted as 1 operation.

sources: each source point = 1 operation.

routing intersections: intersection modes other than UNION apply a 2x multiplier.

counting factors are multiplicative…


  • 1 source, 60 minutes = 1 operation. 2 sources, UNION, 60 minutes = 2 operations.
  • 2 sources, INTERSECTION, 60 minutes = 4 operations.

200,000 single-source, 60-minute isochrones could be requested with the 300 € monthly use-credit.

Explore how the Isochrone API works