API Cost Calculator

Create a simulation of your monthly expenses by adding quantities of different Targomo APIs, and their configuration.

See pricing for more information about pricing by operations, and see API overviews for more information on each individual API.

*Targomo provides the API Cost Calculator as a service to help you estimate the approximate cost of your planned use. The API Cost Calculator is not a legally-binding quote, nor should if be considered a guaranteed estimate.

What does 'Private-Use/OEM' mean?

Any utilization of our APIs which are not freely accessible to the public are classified as “Private-Use/OEM”. This includes internally used applications, paid-use applications, and use in offline analyses. If your use isn’t public, you need to contact our sales team to get our private use pricing.

Can I cache or store the API results?

Targomo’s API is a volume-based model, and results of the APIs may not be permanently stored for future re-use. If your use-case requires this, we are happy to discuss this as part of a custom offering - contact us if this is a requirement.

How is an operation counted?

Several factors influence how a request to our APIs translates into operations: max routing time, sources (and targets), routing intersections, tiled responses. See API overviews for more information on operations counting for each individual API, and the pricing calculator to model scenarios.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards. If you have special billing requirements, please contact our sales team.