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Casafari acquires Targomo: Holistic AI solution for real estate valuation

By Jonathan Klinck | 18 September 2023
Casafari acquires Targomo

Lisbon, September 19, 2023: Casafari, a leading European platform for real estate data, today announces the acquisition of Targomo, an expert in location intelligence. This move works to strengthen Casafari’s capabilities in the real estate and proptech market via the integration of comprehensive AI-based location analysis.  

Berlin-based Targomo has developed AI-based software which provides assessments of quality of locations for a range of purposes, working to model characteristics and forecast predicted performance. The intuitive SaaS tool enables companies to find the best locations for their needs, optimise entire networks, and increase overall profitability. Targomo offers a powerful API suite with access to comprehensive location-based data and reachability information. The transaction unlocks obvious synergies by enhancing Real Estate Search and Analysis with Location Intelligence on one side, and Powering Targomo LOOP with complete Real Estate Data on the other side.  

Targomo clients will benefit from direct access to CASAFARI’s proprietary real estate database, the most complete and accurate data on all properties in Europe. CASAFARI clients will benefit from complete real estate market information enriched by location intelligence. The agreement addresses a crucial pain point for customers in both the commercial and residential real estate sectors, providing businesses a competitive advantage via access to the most up-to-date and complete data on the market. The market insights enabled by real estate data and AI-powered location intelligence will accelerate deals for all participants of the real estate transaction. 

Significant benefits for both companies

Targomo has received around 10 million euros in total with the last Series A round in 2020 to support the development of Targomo’s cutting-edge technology. As a part of the acquisition, Targomo’s existing team continues to work in key strategic roles from their Berlin headquarters. 

The agreement between Targomo and CASAFARI will deliver significant benefits for both companies, with Targomo expanding its customer base in CASAFARI’s core markets (Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy), while CASAFARI gaining access to Targomo’s enriched socio-demographic information and location intelligence for its more than 50,000 real estate customers in Southern Europe. 

“The most powerful end-to-end real estate solution”

“Targomo’s location intelligence closes a major data transparency gap, helping CASAFARI clients, real estate brokers, and investors generate and accelerate deals. CASAFARI, on the other hand, will help Targomo clients find the best properties faster. This partnership offers a solution for businesses of all sizes, helping them close real estate transactions below fair market value.” Nils Henning, CASAFARI CEO.

Targomo data informs about the best location and Casafari data shows the best properties on the market. Together, we offer the most powerful end-to-end real estate solution.” Henning Hollburg, Targomo CEO 

CASAFARI and Targomo are committed to providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed in today’s data-driven world. By combining CASAFARI’s real estate expertise with Targomo’s location intelligence, this partnership will create a powerful solution that helps businesses and investors make informed decisions about where to invest and grow, whether they are in real estate, retail, finance, or any other sector that relies on data for success. 

About Targomo

Targomo helps retailers and restaurant brands make better and faster location decisions. It offers an analytics platform with 400+ high quality data sets for 25+ countries and develops customised Geo AI prediction models that enable businesses to forecast relevant sales metrics for any potential location – instantly. The location intelligence specialist has been awarded as one of Europe’s Top 5 Deep Tech scaleups and serves customers in more than 20 countries, including McDonald’s Germany, RSG (McFit, Gold’s Gym) and Søstrene Grene.

About Casafari

CASAFARI is a leading real estate network that connects 50,000 professionals through its innovative data and collaboration tools. With proprietary technology to index, aggregate, and analyse 310 million listings from 30,000 sources, CASAFARI builds property history, property sourcing search, CMA, market analytics, market reports, APIs and CRM to serve such clients as Cerberus, Kronos, Vanguard, Masteos, Casavo, Sotheby’s International Realty, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Savills, JLL, Engel & Völkers, Keller Williams among others on the real estate market.

Note: CASAFARI is an exclusively B2B real estate data platform,  serving real estate professionals and not a real estate agency. 


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