Targomo API

With our API, you can take full advantage of Targomo’s custom-built, high performance routing engine. We developed our solutions to answer the most complex questions relating to location, reachability, and mobility. Our plug-and-play API will enable you to generate unique maps transforming your project’s user experience, or to advance your own internal workflows.

Analyze Intricate Location Scenarios

Our services will allow you to fully assess the character and value of locations by bringing together our advanced reachability algorithms with large scale geo-referenced data.

Transform Your User Experience

Boost your UX by providing an outstanding and personal location-based search for your users.

Manage Your Fleet

Benefit from Targomo’s configurable calculation of efficient routing for multi-vehicle, multi-destination delivery scenarios.

Get Rid of Complex Infrastructure

While our API can be used both as a cloud application or on-premises, our infrastructure will deliver highly precise and quick results.


These customers use our API for their own custom apps.



Advanced Routing

Targomo’s custom-built routing engine is the heart of its technology. It delivers highly precise route calculations from a list of sources to a list of targets, taking into account different means of transport (car, bike, walk, public transport).


Isochrone Polygons

Isochronal Polygons are a powerful visualization tool for communicating the reachable area of travel in a clear, understandable way. Targomo’s technology can generate them within a fraction of a second.


Globally available Open Data

Targomo’s services are made available almost worldwide on the basis of data of the OpenStreetMap-project (“OSM”) as well as diverse GTFS-data (“General Transit Feed Specification”) and other freely available data sets by third party data providers in accordance with the availability, quality and licensing terms of such data.


Travel Types

In order to calculate exact travel times, you can allow users to switch between bike, walking, car and – where data is available – public transport.


Rush Hour Mode

Our AI-based rush-hour mode simulates congested streets for car journeys and adjusts travel-times accordingly.


Time Service

Using the core routing engine, Targomo’s Time Service returns precise travel times to large groups of targets.


Statistics Service

Intersecting sociodemographic and economic data of the reachable footprint, Targomo is able to quickly quantify the type of people within the reach of one or multiple specific locations.


POI Service

The POI Service is a special implementation of Targomo’s Time Service which already considers known POIs as the reachable targets.


Thematic Vector Tiles

Any statistical data can also be presented as MVT vector tiles, providing a thematic reference layer that illustrates any of the available metrics. When used in conjunction with the statistics service, the vector tiles can be symbolized or filtered by the actual travel time to each unit.


Benchmark Statistics

By running smart algorithms on sociodemographic and -economic data or POI data and combining them with reachability calculations, Targomo is able to create benchmark datasets that allow for composite views of distinct neighborhood characteristics.


Multigraph Service

The multigraph service uses the actual road network together with Targomo’s core routing engine to enable fine-tuned, configurable visualizations of complex reachability scenarios. This unlocks the ability to analyze thousands of coordinates and get a map of areas which have the shortest (or minimum/mean/sum/nearest) travel time from all locations, in mere seconds.


Multiple Languages

Use our REST API directly or get a head start with our clients for TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, and Java.


Route Optimization

Automatically calculate the optimal route between your desired stops, taking into account use-case specific constraints. Solve even complex delivery scenarios involving multiple vehicles, incoming orders, and dynamic prioritization.


Data Freedom

Enrich your project through the integration of any kind of georeferenced data—your own or that of a commercial provider.



Targomo’s basemaps use the same OSM data which powers the routing engine and POI service, so you can be sure the analysis matches the map.



Our developers are experts in creating rich web applications for location analysis. We’re available to support your project with our hands-on experience.

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