While organizations today have access to previously unimaginable amounts of data, in most cases the newly emerging potential is not even close to being fully exploited. The cloud-based platform TargomoLOOP brings together advanced spatial analytics and artificial intelligence to unwind the complexity of location optimization. Formerly constrained to separate operational silos, large scale enterprise data and geo-referenced data can now be linked in a meaningful way. With entirely new insights at their fingertips, businesses are enabled to fully harness the power of location intelligence to optimize their decisions and actions.

Analyze Your Trade Areas

Take a close look at how nearby competitors, POIs and infrastructure conditions will affect you today and foresee next year’s changes.

Generate New Insights from Your Data

By linking large scale data formerly organized in silos and enabling unlimited data integration, derive new and meaningful insights in real-time.

Anticipate Network Effects

Understand how exactly even small changes would affect your whole branch network and revenue forecast.

Predict Your Turnover

Powered by artificial intelligence, TargomoLOOP’s algorithms will give you a comprehensive understanding of the turnover you can expect when opening a new branch or relocate an existing one.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Branches

Get to know the full potential of every single location and optimize based on sociodemographic, infrastructure and trade area insights.

Understand Your Location Performance Indicators

Based on the previous gains and losses of your locations, TargomoLOOP will identify the variables that are most critical to your success.

Manage Your Entire Location Portfolio

Interactive visualizations provide an intuitive overview of your entire business footprint at a glance and allow for the simulation of strategic scenarios.

Improve Your Customer Reach

A comprehensive analysis of the specific catchment areas and buyer data of your business empowers you to understand and anticipate the preferences of your customers.


These customers boosted their performance with TagomoLOOP.



What-if Analysis

TargomoLOOP functions as an intuitive and powerful framework for your branch optimization strategy. Instantly observe the effects of business expansion, relocation or reduction plans—at any time and from anywhere.


Location Benchmarking

By incorporating large amounts of geospatial data and employing gravitational models, TargomoLOOP can detect the most impactful local factors and uncover areas that resemble those where you are already successful.


White Spot Analysis

Easily investigate new, promising sites for expansion and minimize the impact of cannibalization effects. Starting from the top drivers of your current business success, TargomoLOOP will correlate millions of geographic cells with extensive data attributes to shed light on white spots that truly fit with your business model.


Competitor Monitoring

Get a holistic view of certain trade areas and evaluate distance to and attractiveness of competing sites. Know how competitor’s moves may affect your business before they actually happen.


Turnover Prediction

Integrating geo-referenced data with your business data, TargomoLOOP uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze each location’s sales volume and indicate which Location Performance Indicators are most influential. From testing innovative service concepts, introducing new product lines and entering foreign markets, this comprehensive picture will be the solid foundation for every business decision.


Multi-user Administration

When opening up location intelligence to interdisciplinary teams across different business departments, demands and skills will diverge widely. TargomoLOOP allows you to establish user groups for certain projects and stay in control of the access to specific functionalities.


Data Freedom

The most accurate results will rely on the best data sources—TargomoLOOP doesn’t limit you to a single data provider. Instead, integrate all your internal as well as external data sources to enjoy the most detailed analytics.


Clustering & Profiling

Advanced geospatial analytics can assist you in clustering and profiling your branch network in order to provide you with a detailed picture of your current business footprint. Multiple cluster variations of your whole location network based on your own business metrics will identify distinct sales areas and provide the foundation for your diversification strategies.


Interactive Visualization

TargomoLOOP’s straightforward, dynamic visualizations can simulate the behavior of your whole branch network in case of a temporary closing or a modified product mix. Safely try new concepts while highly individual geospatial models forecast how a competitor’s move will impact you.


Reporting Tools

Share your insights with your team and choose whether you want to visualize the results or put them into standardized tables. Allow colleagues to stay updated on projects, new opportunities, or actual performances anytime.

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