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Ideal Job Dispatching with Travel Times & Routing API

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About Localyse

Localyse offers innovative location-driven software solutions and services. The company that is active in Belgium and the Netherlands and has a strong and diverse portfolio of solutions and products. To find a match between supply and demand based on travel time, Localyse and Targomo have been working together for years to combine their expertise and know-how.

About Prato

Prato is a Belgian company that offers innovative HR software and services. Clients include interim agencies, service cheque companies and enterprises. Prato helps with automation of payroll and personnel administration as well as well-founded social-legal advice. The company is part of geneHRations, a network of HR-tech entrepreneurs that implement innovative solutions and turn them into profitable business.


Among other HR tech solutions, Prato offers software for service voucher companies to automate the assignment of cleaning staff to households. When their previous API provider’s prices suddenly increased significantly, one product was at stake: a software that optimizes the working hours of cleaning staff that is paid by Belgian service vouchers.

Its main challenges:

  • Price-efficient use of travel time and routing information
  • Quick determination of the most efficient allocations of service staff
  • Consideration of different travel modes


Using Targomo’s Travel times API and Routing API, Prato could continue to offer an innovative and highly efficient software product to its customers who benefit from a very fast and highly accurate calculations.

At the same time, Localyse was able to ensure a quick and smooth transition to Targomo’s API services.

Quote Chris Hoogwys, CTO at Localyse

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