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How DrSmile Drives Retail Expansion with Location Intelligence

Fact-based analysis to set up new partnerships and improve existing network
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About DrSmile

DrSmile is Germany’s leading provider for clear aligners, an invisible and comfortable alternative to traditional braces for straightening teeth. Established in 2017 in Germany, the dental company is rapidly growing and driving retail expansion internationally. DrSmile is continuously looking for new dentist partners to offer its treatments. Due to the addition of new countries, such as Switzerland, Italy and Poland, and continued growth in existing markets, it wanted to make detailed analyses of existing and new locations to ensure the best possible distribution of its services.



DrSmile was looking for innovative and data-based technology to make location decisions. It would allow the dental care company to accurately assess the attractiveness of new locations, and successfully fuel its expansion with new partnerships. At the same time, it could analyze existing locations and see where there would be opportunities to optimize its network.

Its main challenges:

  • Identify areas where young adults with certain income levels live
  • Calculate how many people can reach a location
  • Find areas with potential for revenue increase and cost savings
  • Locate attractive places with complementary shops and services
“We use TargomoLOOP for both the optimization of our network as well as expansion. We can use reliable data sets and discover new areas to set up partnerships.”
Fabian Zimmermann, Business Development, DrSmile


At the end of 2020, DrSmile reached out to Targomo to use its location analytics platform TargomoLOOP to solve their challenges.

Thanks to TargomoLOOP, DrSmile could do the following:

  • Make detailed location analyses with demographic and spending power data
  • Analyse reachability of target groups, customizing travel mode and travel time
  • Generate scores of locations based on geo data and internal figures
  • Use Points of Interest to find promising areas



The availability of detailed data sets and reachability calculations helps DrSmile find attractive locations to reach potential customers and strengthen retail expansion. By calculating the catchment areas of locations and a built-in ranking function it is effortless to compare different sites. TargomoLOOP supports DrSmile in building out its presence, especially in areas where it has few or no partnerships. Furthermore, the insights and user-friendliness of TargomoLOOP has made it easy to share knowledge with colleagues. New team members can learn in less than an hour how to use the platform.

DrSmile’s main achievements:

  • Easy identification of locations to reach target groups of 18-35 year olds (from families) with middle to high incomes
  • Expansion of partnership network with data-based analyses
  • Quick analyses of new business areas, easy communication of results


Driving retail expansion with data: The red area indicates the catchment area of a location and belongs to the income group € 2,500 – 3,500 net per month. Source: TargomoLOOP

The red area indicates the catchment area of a location and belongs to the income group € 2,500 – 3,500 net per month. Source: TargomoLOOP

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