Grow Your Real Estate Business

Success in real estate depends on getting pricing, investment, and marketing just right. Targomo enables market leaders to convert complex geospatial research into actionable business insights to optimize these decisions.

Property Value Assessment

Our advanced geospatial analytics provide the most detailed view of any property's micro location. We identify the location features that drive the success of specific assets. Make systematic investment decisions, adjust pricing, and identify trends ahead of the competition.

Asset Development

With Targomo you can predict the performance of new assets and test out different use cases for each location. Explore alternative diversification strategies, and find innovative ways to grow your network.

Precise Customer Targeting

Understand how a property fits into to the economic and social landscape of its neighborhood. Don't rely on potential tenants to find you among the competition. We deliver the data that enables you to identify and precisely target new tenants.

Personalized User Experience

Customize your service according to your users' preferences. Adjust search properties according to their preferred means of transport and lifestyles. Targomo lets your customers explore their new neighborhood in great detail. With our interactive visualizations and Points of Interest service, every customer interaction becomes more meaningful.

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