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Spotlight On: Dylann Joffard, Business Developer for the French market at Targomo

By Luisa Sieveking | 03 June 2022
Dylann Joffard of Targomo

Meet our newcomer, Dylann Joffard, who brings a discerning global eye and passion for business relationships.

With only a couple months into his new role as Business Developer, Dylann Joffard has already managed to make quite the impression at Targomo. Originally from the Parisian region of Seine-et-Marne, Dylann now lives in Berlin, Germany, where he’s brushing up on his German language skills. Currently, he’s reading a book on the topic of balanced working, which has only furthered his German comprehension.

With a BA in Geography and an MA in Urban Planning and Urban Policies, Dylann’s expertise in  the Geographic Information System (GIS) is undoubtedly a huge asset in terms of developing the French market for Targomo. Although he has yet to work on a larger-scale project, his career goals run the gamut—from identifying the markets who need GEO-AI location analytics to being able to forge solid relationships, he looks forward to helping successfully expand the company in France.

When asked about what advice he’d give to someone wanting to work in the field of business development, he says, “be curious and never be afraid of the ‘no.’” Understanding the why behind what problems someone is trying to solve is key, he explains. So if a prospective company ends up not being interested, it’s either because the company hasn’t identified a problem yet or you weren’t able to identify it. 

When he’s not busy growing the French market, you can find Dylann taking art photos. In fact, he had his first exhibition in Lyon, France, in early 2022. His goal? To express a message on a variety of topics (gender, racism, etc.) and work with inspiring people, no matter if they’re a professional or an amateur. 

As for his everyday motivation, it’s simple: for work, it’s about building trust with clients and meeting their needs. For his personal life, it’s being able to create and build relationships with people. 

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