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Spotlight On: Luisa Sieveking, Marketing & Communications

By Targomo | 11 November 2021
Luisa Sieveking and office dog Nero

Luisa (on the right) and part-time-office dog Nero (on the left)

What makes marketing fun at Targomo? A variety of tasks, pioneering topics and the opportunity to take ownership.

A media management graduate of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, Luisa Sieveking is currently heading up our marketing and communications team, where she is responsible for the marketing strategy and its implementation.

Skilled in integrated strategic communications, digital strategy, social media marketing, media relations and European campaign execution, a steady career in marketing was always in Luisa’s purview. “I started my career in B2B/B2C communications agencies communicating for all kinds of products,” says Luisa. “What I liked most about agency work was the variety of tasks and topics I was given. But soon I realized that communicating complex issues suits me more than making a big tam-tam about the launch of a new shampoo.” So Luisa continued to specialize in tech topics, freelancing for tech startups and then working for an international funding program that introduced her to some of Europe’s coolest deep tech startups. 

Then she joined Targomo.

What she values most about working for Targomo? Again the variety of tasks, enhanced with the opportunity to take ownership. “We are still a very small team in marketing at Targomo. That’s where good opportunities open up for individuals to take ownership of topics and drive them forward independently. At the same time, it’s very exciting to be in an innovative pioneering role. We have a great technology that has the potential to disruptively change industries. That makes communication challenging and fun.”

Luisa cites lifelong learning as the biggest key to success in her field. “In the marketing sector, new technologies are constantly coming onto the market,” explains Luisa. “Trends are changing and new channels appear. In this race for attention, it’s important to keep a cool head (particularly for the B2B sector) and always ask yourself how relevant these new channels for your specific target groups are.”

The aforementioned confirmation comes when the team’s hard work pays off, and a media article is published, a new client is secured or an award is won. Her advice? Thoroughly enjoy it. “If you work for days and weeks on a project and finally you get the phone call telling you that you are in – let your heart make a big jump!

When she’s out of office, Luisa moonlights as a mountain hiker and used to participate in countless races in and around Berlin. Her runner motto? “The time doesn’t matter; being there is everything… How you feel is most important!” Recently, she has had to slow down her running pace further and instead goes for walks several times a day with her new housemate, a young crossbreed dog who keeps her on her toes.

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