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Coronavirus Vaccination in Berlin: Can Senior Citizens Easily Reach Inoculation Centers?

By | 12 March 2021
A map showing the locations in red from which people aged 65 or older can reach one of Berlin's vaccination centers within 30 minutes by car.

The six yellow dots in the center are the vaccination centers’ locations. The red bars represent inhabitants aged 65 and up, who live at that specific place, and are able to reach a vaccination center within 30 minutes by car. The blue circles highlight areas in Berlin, from which seniors cannot reach a vaccination center within 30 minutes. Source: TargomoLOOP

The German capital has placed its vaccination centers at central sites in the city. We wanted to know how easily people aged 65 and up would be able to reach these locations. It turns out that around 95 percent of Berlin’s seniors can reach a center in 30 minutes by car.

Since the end of December, Germany has been vaccinating its citizens aged 65 and older. People over 70 years are entitled to a return trip by taxi, paid for by the local government. Many people who live in elderly homes can also get a vaccination at home thanks to mobile teams, who inoculate seniors where they live.

Because there is no data about how many seniors are eligible to receive vaccination at home, we have assumed that all people need to visit one of the six centers. We wanted to know how much time it would take for all Berlin seniors of 65 and older – 700,000 in total – to reach one of the vaccination locations. We used the locations of Berlin’s six vaccination centers, demographic data and a reachability calculations available in location intelligence platform TargomoLOOP.

We’ve found that the majority of people can reach an inoculation center in a maximum 30-minute car drive. Only a few hundred in pockets in the west, east, and south-east would need up to 40 minutes by car to reach the nearest vaccination location. These are the highlighted areas in the picture at the top.

The table below shows the result for different age groups. The total for the age group 65 and up is 683,393, but this figure also includes seniors who do not live in Berlin. Based on Berlin’s total senior population of 699,564 at the end of 2018 it means that 97.7 percent of them can reach a vaccination center within 30 minutes by car. The actual percentage will be a bit lower, because of the non-Berliners included in the 683,393 figure.

A table showing figures of how many people of a certain age group can reach a specific vaccination center in Berlin.

The figures show how many people of a certain age group can reach a specific vaccination center by car in a maximum of 30 minutes. Each person is only counted once, meaning that she or he visits the nearest center. (Technically: The cannibalization effect is taken into account and the overlapping of catchment areas is canceled out. The percentage values can be ignored for the current analysis, and refer to the extent of cannibalization.) Source: TargomoLOOP

We’ve also looked at public transportation as the travel mode, and then the travel time increases for many senior citizens. Most of them could reach a center within an hour. Only a couple of dozen people in the south-east (Müggelheim, Rauchfangswerder, Altes Fischerdorf) would need a little longer. Obviously, many seniors will likely not take public transportation because of the infection risk, and the option to take a free taxi ride for people aged 71 or older.

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