Optimize Your Branch Network

How many people visit a store, use a bus stop or see an advertisement – it's determined by the choice of location.
Location Intelligence provides the foundation for successful business strategies.
Targomo enables market leaders to analyze, plan and predict the performance of their branch network.
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Visualize Trade Areas

The performance of a store is shaped by a complex combination of demographic details, points of interest, traffic conditions, and commercial setup.
Targomo creates models of your catchment areas to help you assess local product preferences and anticipate shopping trends.

Understand your Successes

Targomo's solutions integrate external geo-referenced data with your own store data.
Machine learning algorithms analyze each location and find unique location features that determine their success.
Identify under performing branches and understand the real potential of your retail network.

Optimize your Network

Reproduce the performance of your best stores in new locations and limit economic risks. Adapt your product mix to your customer’s needs to reduce expenses and increase efficiency.
Expand your network more effectively and avoid cannibalization effects.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Targomo’s gravitational models predict the effects of a competitor’s move for your own branch network. Weigh the effects of different go-to-market strategies in order to diversify and expand your business.

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