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COVID-19 and home office: Suburbs which are well-connected to urban centers, and offer affordable housing
Spiegel – October 1, 2020
Stadtflucht wegen Corona Diese Vororte sind gut erreichbar - und besonders günstig
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Location analytics specialist plans U.S. expansion
Immobilien Zeitung – September 16, 2020
Standortanalyst Targomo plant US-Expansion
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Meet the 21 German startups beginning their international expansion
German Accelerator – September 7, 2020
Learn More includes Targomo in its list of German real-estate technology companies – June 9, 2020
PropTech-Sektor knackt die 400er Marke
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Targomo provides free route- and delivery-planning service
Geospatial World – April 7, 2020
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Three challenges in the application of AI and the role of deep tech
Handelsblatt Journal – March 26, 2020
Drei Herausforderungen bei der Anwendung von KI und der Rolle von Deep Tech
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Berlin-based startup Targomo appoints Google manager Patrick Schoenemann as CEO
Siliconcanals – February 6, 2020
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Google manager becomes new Targomo CEO
Gründerszene – February 5, 2020
Google-Manager wird neuer Targomo-CEO
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Targomo appoints Google Manager Patrick Schoenemann as new CEO
Handelsblatt – February 4, 2020
Targomo holt den Google-Manager Patrick Schönemann als neuen Chef
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When the train always passes by
El Pais – January 19, 2020
Cuando el tren siempre pasa de largo
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Germany's AI Startup Landscape 2020
Initiative for Applied Artificial Intelligence – March 4, 2020
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ProgrammableWeb's Most Clicked, Shared and Talked About APIs of 2019: Mapping and Location
ProgrammableWeb – January 1, 2020
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Awards for three data-based journalism projects
Spiegel Online – October 24, 2018
Auszeichnungen für drei datenjournalistische Projekte
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Modern land surveyors: job market for geoinformaticians is growing
Hamburger Abendblatt – May 25, 2018
Moderne Landvermesser: Jobmarkt für Geoinformatiker wächst
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Doctors in the country side, an objective analysis
Business Geomatics – April 30, 2018
Landärzte, objektiv gesehen
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Live simulation on a digital map
Kommunaldigital – February 14, 2018
Live-Simulation auf der digitalen Landkarte
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Building companies specialized in digital engineering
Business Geomatics – December 3, 2017
Firmenschmiede für Digital Engineering
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A major project to relocate a railway station: Altona Hamburg is like Stuttgart 21
Spiegel Online – November 3, 2017
Großprojekt Bahnhofsverlegung: Altona Hamburgs Stuttgart 21
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Game Changer für Geomarketing
Business Geomatics – March 29, 2017
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New generation of online location intelligence tools will help you find best location for your business
Geoawesomeness – February 29, 2016
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Targomo provides a cloud-based location intelligence platform that enables organizations worldwide to optimize business decisions and actions. Targomo’s innovative technology brings together spatial analysis and artificial intelligence, allowing for the strategic integration of location performance indicators into all business operations.

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