As new digital technologies enter the retail market at ever shorter intervals, radical transformations affect every aspect of the once conventional industry: While former online-only retailers are pushing into downtown areas, customer behavior is being shaped by the growing expectation to shop for anything, anywhere and at any time. These trends put increasing pressure on established brick-and-mortar players and make innovation imperative. Amid this constantly changing landscape, Targomo empowers retailers to harness the full power of location intelligence and AI, unlocking new retail opportunities and turning data into a competitive advantage.


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Turnover Prediction

Powered by artificial intelligence, Targomo’s algorithms are capable of integrating large amounts of external geo-referenced data with your own store data. The resulting Location Performance Indicators will help you to precisely assess what factors are most influential with regard to the success of your retail branches and can predict the turnover of prospective locations.


Branch Network Management

By evaluating consumer statistics, business data, and geospatial data on the basis of reachability and mobility analysis, Targomo gives you a holistic picture of your current retail footprint. You’ll be able to identify over- and underperforming branches and understand the real potential of your current, as well as prospective new, locations. Whether you want to relocate, reduce, or expand your portfolio, use our interactive maps to anticipate network effects and test new strategies.


Retail Logistics Optimization

Our logistics solution will automatically calculate the optimal route between multiple desired stops, taking into account complex individual business constraints. Enjoy perfectly coordinated schedules, while reducing expenses and increasing efficiency. Identify the most effective locations for new delivery centers based on your whole supply chain as well as customer profiles, social demographics, and local preferences. Additionally, have Targomo outline the delivery zones with the best expected ROI (Return on Investment) for your business.


Advanced Demand Planning

By bringing together the sociodemographic, economic, and cultural variables of your stores’ catchment areas, you can take a look through the consumer lens: Data on neighborhood family sizes, age distribution, purchasing power, POIs (Points of Interest) and professional levels will help you to deeply understand and anticipate regional preferences of your customers. Consequently, you can make informed decisions about your product mix, adjust prices, design new in-store experiences and identify unmet demands.


Competitor Monitoring

Advanced gravitational models allow you to get the full view on the competitive dynamics that shape specific trade areas. Through Targomo’s reachability-based simulations, you can forecast how a competitor’s move will impact you and weigh the effects of distinct go-to-market strategies. Minimize cannibalization effects, analyze new diversification strategies and prepare your entry into new markets.

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