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Site Selection for Restaurants

  • Find the right neighbourhood for your brand
  • Forecast site perfomance
  • Get instant analytics results

Select the best location for your restaurant with confidence

The success of your hospitality business is critically linked to your location. Use the power of data to find the location that has the highest demand potential for your brand.

With an intuitive platform, extensive international geospatial data and cutting-edge analytics, we help you make your expansion a success.

Quick & Easy
Quick & Easy
An intuitive and web-based interface combined with dynamic calculations immediately show the potential of a location
Data included
Data included
Select from 400+ data sets from 25 countries incl. foot traffic, spending power, demographics and more
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Make use of our advances analytics services to get a tailored location profile and forecast the success of a potential location

Consider all relevant locations factors to select the best site

Catchment area - How much potential is in a location?

  • Find out how many and which kind of people you can reach with a location
  • Quantify the potential with socio-economic data like spending power and income
  • Select the location with highest foot traffic at the right time of the day or night
  • Create a catchments spanning over multiple modes of transportation
  • Available transport modes: bike, e-bike, car, walk, public transportation

Impact of cannibalization & competition

  • Add competitor locations to the map to understand market coverage
  • See overlapping catchment areas
  • Uncover and measure potential cannibalization effects
  • Identify underserved areas and white spots
  • Find complementing businesses

Forecast the performance of any potential site

  • Get deep insights of your success drivers
  • Identify over- and underperformers in your network
  • Find areas with most potential with heat maps that visualize your entire sales area
  • Predict site performance for any potential location before making a decision
  • Forecast impact and anticipate changes in your network like store closings and relocations
"In the future, TargomoLOOP will make it much easier for us to evaluate new restaurant locations in terms of the relevant catchment area. The sound data basis and the intuitive interface were decisive factors in favor of a decision for TargomoLOOP."
Andreas Weber, Head of Real Estate @McDonald's Germany
"Targomo has helped us better understand the site requirements for our restaurants and sharpen our site profiles. The collaboration has been very valuable for us."
Andreas Reitz, Director Business Development & Expansion at @Gustoso Gruppe
Expansion into new territories
"Targomo’s accurate, granular, and fast analyses help us to explore new geographic areas and assess the suitability of sites very quickly."
Lukas Castren, Head of Expansion @Huuva
"TargomoLOOP gives me confidence in site selection because it quickly shows me through data how well a site is suited for Gustoso's purposes."
Andreas Reitz, Director Business Development & Expansion at @Gustoso Gruppe
"Targomo's white spot analysis forms an important basis for our expansion work. We consistently look for new locations in these areas and analyse very closely whether what can be derived from the data can also be implemented in practice."
Andreas Weber, Head of Real Estate at McDonald's Germany

Let TargomoLOOP simplify your business expansion

Readily available data
Readily available data
From purchasing power to foot traffic and POIs: For many countries, we have all the data you'll need.
Data upload & export
Data upload & export
Easily import and work with your own data. Export all of your analysis results for further processing.
PDF reports
PDF reports
Download elegant and concise PDF reports that ease internal & external communications.
Easy collaboration
Easy collaboration
Our Multi-user-access allows you to to work on your expansion planning as a team, no matter which size.
Working from home, the office, or the train? No worries, all calculations are happening in the cloud, live.
Always interactive
Always interactive
Say goodbye to static maps and immediately see how a change affects your whole network.

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