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Gustoso Group selects Targomo to dynamically analyse location potential
Case Study
Hoe to generate revenue predictions with Geo AI
McDonalds plans their restaurant expansion with Targomo’s analytics platform
Targomo LOOP
Location planning platform now available for 24 countries
The Potential of Predictive Analytics for Location Planning
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A Selection of our Clients

"The sound data basis and the intuitive interface were decisive factors in favor of a decision for TargomoLOOP."
Andreas Weber, Head of Real Estate at McDonald's Germany
“Targomo’s accurate, granular and fast analyses help us assess the suitability of sites very quickly. Within just a few days, we were ready to work efficiently with TargomoLOOP.”
Luukas Castren, Head of Expansion at Huuva
“The Targomo tool helps us in the acquisition of new customers and support of existing customers.”
Nick Pokrandt, Senior Digital Marketing Manager & Team Lead at WallDecaux
“We use TargomoLOOP for both the optimization of our network as well as expansion. We can use reliable data sets and discover new areas to set up partnerships.”
Fabian Zimmermann, Teamlead Retail Management & Expansion at DrSmile

Our Products

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Location and Expansion Planning for Retail & more

Get fast and powerful spatial analysis with TargomoLOOP. The cloud-based location intelligence platform offers everything you need to raise location planning to the next level. For retail, last mile delivery services, and more.

  • Intuitive Design
  • Many data available
  • Quick results
  • AI-powered analytics
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Predict Sales Performance for potential sites

Identify the location factors that drive the success of your business and forecast key sales metrics accurately.

  • Revenue prediction & more
  • Forecasts within seconds
  • Unlimited projections
  • Market opportunity heatmaps
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Developer Tools for Geospatial Applications

Build powerful mapping and location analytics applications with an high-performant API suite. For online marketplaces, real estate platforms, job platforms, classifieds and more.

  • Fast & performant
  • Highly customizable
  • Sophisticated analytics
  • Free €300 credit


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Targomo releases new API feature to support emergency response
Targomo has released the new API feature "polygon exclusion" that allows emergency planners to quickly adapt to unforeseen circumstances by excluding impassable areas from the routing.   
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Case Study: Sales Forecasting with Geo AI
We are often asked: "How do you develop a Geo AI model for sales forecasting, can you show us a concrete example?" Since we always keep customer data strictly confidential, our data science team has taken publicly available data - alcohol sales in the state of Iowa - and developed a Geo AI model to predict liquor sales for the supermarket chain Hy-Vee.
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Targomo is nominated for the Immobilienmanager Award 2023
The Innovation Insights Map, a joint project by Targomo and Germany's largest housing provider Vonovia, has entered the shortlist for the Immobilienmanager Award 2023.
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