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Predict Sales Performance
with Geo AI

Forecast sales metrics for every possible location in no time. Gain confidence in your location decisions and reliability in planning.

Challenges in site selection

Your site openings are accompanied by large investments, and you need an accurate forecast of the expected return on investment.

You would like to know which markets areas have the highest potential for your expansion so you can focus your real estate search

You would like to understand what to consider when choosing a location for your business in order to be successful.

Your sales forecasting takes a lot of time and the results do not satisfy you.

Your location planning and forecasting requires too many resources in-house, from data scienctists to geospatial experts

How Targomo can help

Our predictive analytics enable you to forecast key metrics for any potential address in the sales territory

Get heatmaps that show you in detail where you can find white spots and new opportunities

Our success driver analysis uncovers how location factors drive the revenue of your branches

Our predictive analytics deliver instant results and achieve up to 80-90% accuracy in forecasting sales metrics.

Our team of data scientists and project managers has developed an approach that is proven with global brands and ensures efficient project execution.

Geo AI Predictions

Forecast Sales Performance

More than 80% of the success of individual retail chain stores depends on their location. We can predict this success.
Based on high quality geo-data and your company data, we develop and train a spatial predictive model to forecast your
relevant KPIs such as store revenue, sales or guest count. We integrate the spatial model into TargomoLOOP, providing
you with an easy-to-use interface that delivers instant KPI predictions and rich visualisations.


How you benefit from Targomo’s Geo AI

Precise Calculations
Precise Calculations
Get forecasts that achieve up to 80-90 % accuracy
Fast results
Fast results
Receive forecasts within seconds for any address
We process and store data under highest EU standards
Unlimited KPI Predictions
Unlimited KPI Predictions
Make sales projections like revenue and guest count for any address without additional costs
Success Driver Insights
Success Driver Insights
Uncover the location factors determining the performance of your branch network
Define benchmarks, compare locations to your best stores and find twin areas to replicate success
What-If Analysis
What-If Analysis
Calculate impact and anticipate changes of sales area, closings or openings of new locations
White Spot Analysis
White Spot Analysis
Identify growth oppportunities, quantify market potential and help Franchisees to find best territories
Network Consolidation
Network Consolidation
Find over capacities within your network and optimize site and service distribution
"Working with Targomo pays off for us. I particularly appreciate Targomo's intuitive user interface, which makes our daily work much easier".
Andreas Weber, Head of Real Estate @McDonald's Germany
"With the platform TargomoLOOP, we can create rankings and comparisons of potential future locations much faster. With Targomo we get the evaluation at the push of a button."
Jörg Fockenberg, Director International Expansion at RSG Gruppe
"Targomo generates for us meaningful forecasts for potential restaurants immediately. Based on the results, we filter out the locations that we pursue. This is a very comfortable situation for us."
Andreas Weber, Head of Real Estate @McDonald's Germany
"With TargomoLOOP, we have access to all data and analytics in one place. This has saved us about two month of work that we would have spent compiling and analyzing data sources."
Luukas Castren, Head of Expansion @Huuva
Targomo has helped us better understand the site requirements for our restaurants and sharpen our site profiles. The collaboration has been very valuable for us.
Andreas Reitz, Director Business Development & Expansion at Gustoso

Get a bespoke prediction model in 4 steps

We learn from your location data and build a prediction model tailored to your brand’s KPIs. After building and testing process, you are able to forecast relevant performance KPIs for any address instantly.


Initiation & Data Building

Collecting data:
Company data, competitors, points of interest etc.

Cleansing data


Key Driver Analysis & Modelling

Testing, learning and identifying attraction strength factors


Validating & Fine Tuning

Validating the model against additional store data

Fine tuning of the predictive model



Integrating a scoring model and prediction heatmap into the location planning platform


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