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NEW REPORT: Location Planning in Volatile Times – The Opportunities of Data & AI

By Luisa Sieveking | 27 March 2023

Targomo and Retail Optimiser publish comprehensive report with insights from numerous top decision makers from real estate and expansion management.

What are the challenges expansion and real estate specialists are facing in retail and hospitality? What future and solutions do they see for retail? What opportunities does artificial intelligence offer? The location intelligence startup Targomo and the online trade magazine The Retail Optimiser get to the bottom of these questions in the new report Next Level Location Planning.

The report is based on in-depth qualitative interviews with top experts who are responsible for the location management of companies such as McDonald’s Germany, Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf, McFit, Jysk, Bio Company and Gustoso. As partners, IZ Research, the analysis platform of the Immobilien Zeitung, as well as the Nymphenburg Group provide deep insights into current market developments.

Today, for example, companies are faced with major tasks to adapt their branch networks to the strongly fluctuating consumer behaviour. Mobility and purchasing power of the target groups are clearly decreasing, the customers’ demands on quality and service are rapidly increasing. And the continuing triumph of e-commerce calls for clever omnichannel strategies, which in turn significantly change the demands on locations.

The only constant is the new volatility of the markets

“The experts agreed on one thing: consistency really only exists in a persistent volatility,” says Björn Weber, publisher of Retail Optimiser, who conducted the interviews with his editorial team. After all, in addition to consumer behaviour, city centres and the structures of important retail locations are changing, which in turn requires an agile optimisation of the distribution network.

On 40 pages, the report shows how the experts tackle the challenges and what solutions are found. These include the efficient and intelligent use of data and AI, which offer new ways to identify success drivers, arrive more quickly at an assessment of potential locations and create reliable forecasts.

The report can be downloaded free of charge in German and English:

Download in English

Download in German


About Targomo

Targomo helps retailers and restaurant brands make better and faster location decisions. It offers an analytics platform with 400+ high quality data sets for 25+ countries and develops customised Geo AI prediction models that enable businesses to forecast relevant sales metrics for any potential location – instantly. The location intelligence specialist has been awarded as one of Europe’s Top 5 Deep Tech scaleups and serves customers in more than 20 countries, including McDonald’s Germany, RSG (McFit, Gold’s Gym) and Søstrene Grene. www.targomo.com

About The Retail Optimiser

The Retail Optimiser ist he trade magazine for retail decision-makers in technology, logistics, supplier cooperation, shopfitting and market research. It reports in German and English on outstanding projects and innovations that improve the customer shopping experience and optimize retail processes. As analysts, journalists and consultants. The authors have been analytically following the development of new retail technologies for over 20 years – always very close to what moves the retail trade and its service providers. www.retail-optimiser.com


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