Transform the User Experience on Real Estate Portals

With Targomo, leading real estate portals offer tailor-made search results to increase customer satisfaction and grow their business.
Because for the perfect home there is only one right location.

Provide a Personal, Interactive Search Experience

Customers want the location of their homes to reflect a life on the move. Reachability analysis allows to sort listings by commuting time and mode of transport, not zip code.

Enriched Listings with Location Information

Empower customers to make better and more informed decisions by enriching listings with location information.

Precise Recommendations Increase Customer Retention

Understand what really matters to your customers based on their location choices. Provide precise and attractive recommendations, so they feel at home on your platform.

Offer Undiscovered Neighborhoods

Enrich to neighborhoods with socio-demographic statistics and Points of Interest (POIs) that fit your customer’s profiles. Aggregated indicators present an intuitive characterization of neighborhoods: from family-friendly to arts & culture oriented.