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Real Estate Platforms & Marketplaces:
How To Personalize Search

  • Personalize the user experience  
  • Add search and filter options based on commute time 
  • Keep home seekers on your platform 

We help real estate platforms offer the most relevant search results

Property searches are all about location and reachability. How long would it take me to get to work on the subway? How far is our child’s kindergarten? How many cafes and restaurants could we reach from the new apartment?    

Targomo offers versatile developer tools, enabling real estate platforms to add unique location features to their application. By allowing home seekers to include travel times, commute routes, and neighborhood preferences, real estate searches become more personal and relevant than ever before.

Add new search features
Add new search features
Enable your users to search based on metrics important to them such as commute time or neighborhood characteristics
Improve listing exposé
Improve listing exposé
Enrich the profile of a property by adding meaningful information such as POIs or reachable areas
Personalize user experience
Personalize user experience
Get to know your customers by allowing them to enter important addresses or neighborhood preferences

Build features home seekers will love

Map search based on commute time

  • Let users search based on areas that can be reached from important adresses 
  • Selected mode of transport and maximum travel time can be used to filter real estate offers 
  • Highly precise routing available for bike, car, walk, and transit
  • Possibility to route from multiple addresses (intersections) such as a workplace, kid’s school, and/or parent’s home
Transit (30 min)
Car (30 min)
1 Location
2 Locations

Location Scores

  • Calculated by statistics and actual reachability of POIs, not just proximity  
  • Fully customizable data input and profile composition
  • Can be visualized as a heatmap and/or shown in numbers as filter option 
  • Possible as pre-defined profiles (i.e. “nightlife”, “family-friendly”), or as a personalized tool, letting users weigh their own preferences 
Score Composition

Exploration of property surroundings

  • Enrich lisitings with information based on a user’s travel preferences 
  • Show density, routes, distance, and/or travel times to a large amount of locations, such as bakeries, grocery stores, parks 
  • OpenStreetMap data included, but integration of any data source – including your own data – possible 
  • Based on the users‘ previous input, show routes from a listing to personal POIs, such as user’s own and partner’s workspace
Travel Time
Points of Interest
Increasing map usage from 4 to 10% with travel time search
“Targomo’s API is technically impressive and easy to integrate. Within one month we were ready to launch the new feature.”
Amel Taibi, Senior Product Manager @Seloger
Lowering the bounce and exit rates by 15%
"We registered more search subscriptions very early on. We were also able to lower both our exit rate and our bounce rate by 15 percent."
Silvio Frei, Head Marketing & Communications @Newhome