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Build Powerful Mapping and
Location Analytics Applications

Travel times, Routing, Points of Interests, Isochrones – Targomo offers high-performant developer tools to build state-of-the-art geospatial analytics applications, enhance location search, and personalize user experience. 

A powerful API suite for high-end geospatial applications

Fast & <br>performant
Fast &
With fast processing and very precise routing, Targomo’s developer tools provide everything you need to build high-end geospatial applications. Don’t limit yourself to broad-stroke, generic analytics.
Highly customizable
Highly customizable
Don’t compromise implementation or app functionalities with our built-in customization options that let you adapt your solution to unique and novel scenarios, no matter how complex they are.
Sophisticated analytics
Sophisticated analytics
Go beyond standard offerings with advanced analytics. Use calculated travel times to points of interest and other statistical data sets to develop more features and provide additional insights to the user of your application.
Free <br>€300 credit
€300 credit
Our pay-as-you-go pricing for public and free applications comes with a credit of €300 and allows you to start building right after sign-up. High-volume applications enjoy attractive volume pricing.

See how our clients use TargomoAPI

Real Estate Search
It is not the broadest listings that are key to win the competition, but the most relevant ones: We enable real estate portals to offer best-in-class features with powerful search, filtering, and ranking functionalities that drive conversion and which home seekers will love.
Logistics Optimization
We help you plan the optimal routes for delivery vehicles, field experts or maintenance round trips. Considering individual variables like load restrictions and deadline prioritizations our software meets all your specific business needs. 
POI Visualization
What determines the character of an area? Besides the region, it is the surroundings like restaurant, bars, shops, leisure activities or urban supply. Visualizing reachable POIs on a map can lead to unexpected insights.
Lowering the bounce and exit rates by 15%
"We registered more search subscriptions very early on. We were also able to lower both our exit rate and our bounce rate by 15 percent."
Silvio Frei, Head Marketing & Communications @newhome
Increasing map usage from 4 to 10% with travel time search
"Targomo's API is technically impressive and easy to integrate. Within one month we were ready to launch the new feature."
Amel Taibi, Senior Product Manager @Seloger

A toolset for high-performant custom maps and geospatial analytics

Create custom maps for your web applications
  • Basemaps API: Get custom maps as reference base layer for your geospatial data visualization
  • Places Layers API: Enhance your maps with Points of Interest
  • Statistics Layers API: Visualize additional data by adding reference layers to your map
Analyze and visualize geospatial data
  • Isochrone API: Visualize on a map areas that people can reach from one or more starting points
  • Travel Times API: Calculate precise travel times to a large number of targets
  • Multigraph API: Get fine-tuned, configurable visualizations for complex reachability scenarios
  • Places Context API: Add context to locations by identifying the closest points of interest
  • Statistics Context API: Generate valuable insights by combining the reachability of locations with statistics
Get detailed directions for multiple routing scenarios
  • Routing API: Get detailed routing information for car, bike, walk, and transit 
  • Fleet API: Find the best route combinations for multi-vehicle and multi-destination scenarios 
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