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Plan Micro-Fulfillment Centers
with Precision

  • Expansion planning for micro-fulfillment, ghost kitchens, and dark stores
  • Location analysis based on actual delivery times
  • Integration of external & proprietary datasets

Get as close and fast to your customers as possible

In the age of New Retail, the concept of micro-fulfillment centers is becoming increasingly important. It represents a quick commerce concept in warehousing that fosters the integration of offline, online, logistics and technology: Retailers establish small storage facilities within cities – the micro-fulfillment centers and sometimes also referred to as dark stores – granting them very close access to consumers and faster delivery at a low cost.

To set up the most efficient logistics process and keep expenditures low, making the right location choices and anticipating demand is critical to success. This is where Targomo can help.

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Choose ideal locations, based on data

Our easy-to-use location optimization platform TargomoLOOP enables straightforward location planning for hyperlocal business models. With just a few clicks, you can easily quantify how many households your drivers can reach within a given time period.

How to bring down costs & time of micro-fulfillment

Optimal macro locations for expansion

  • Identify the cities and regions with the highest target group density
  • Make use of already available data such as population density, household size, purchasing power, and Limbic® Types
  • Integrate your own data to analyze and predict order volumes

Accurate delivery areas

  • Fully customize your catchment areas: select means of transportation, speed, and travel time
  • Calculate how many households you will be able to reach from a specific location
  • Quanitfy relevant POIs within your delivery zones

Network optimization

  • Plan your location network in accordance with existing locations
  • Learn where you should open new centers to serve as many customers as possible
  • Calculate & avoid cannibalization effects within your network

Compare locations based on own criteria

  • Upload any set of locations and learn how they differ in terms of catchment area and target group
  • Score and rank locations options
  • Weigh individual factors in order to customize your score
Bringing Ghost Kitchens to new markets
"Targomo’s accurate, granular, and fast analyses help us to explore new geographic areas and assess the suitability of sites very quickly."
Luukas Castren, Head of Expansion @huuva
Data-based analysis to set up new partnerships and improve existing network
“We use TargomoLOOP for both the optimization of our network as well as expansion. We can use reliable data sets and discover new areas to set up partnerships.”
Fabian Zimmermann, Business Development @DrSmile
"The Targomo tool helps us in the acquisition of new customers and support of existing customers."
Nick Pokrandt, Senior Digital Marketing Manager & Deputy Team Lead @WallDecaux