Unlock New Retail Opportunities

Technology transforms every aspect of the retail industry. The growth of e-commerce and its influence on consumer behavior makes innovation imperative to success. Targomo empowers retailers to respond with the full power of location intelligence. Turn your data into a competitive advantage. Most features below require a customized setup, but our offerings start with a free-to-use service: Try our location analytics platform.

Location Performance Prediction

Powered by artificial intelligence, we integrate large amounts of external geo-referenced data with your own store data. The resulting location performance indicators predict the profitability of new locations.

Branch Network Management

Targomo evaluates consumer statistics, business data, and geospatial data. Combined with advanced reachability and mobility analysis we map your entire network to manage store planning. Whether you want to relocate, reduce, or expand your portfolio, use our interactive tools to anticipate network effects, test new strategies and prevent cannibalization of among your stores. This is an enterprise solution, which requires a customized setup.

Last-Mile Logistics Optimization

Targomo calculates the optimal route between multiple stops for perfectly coordinated schedules, reduced expenses and increased efficiency. Our algorithms account for complex constraints and integrate customer profiles, social demographics, and local preferences. This way we optimize delivery zones and identify the most effective locations for your delivery centers. Get a taste of our services with our free-to-use routing tool to find the best trip for your deliveries.

Advanced Demand Planning

Who are your customers and what do they want? We combine sociodemographic, economic, and cultural variables to analyze your stores’ catchment area. We will help you to understand and anticipate regional preferences. So you can make informed decisions about your product mix, adjust prices, and identify unmet demands.

Competitor Monitoring

Competition is dynamic, especially in the fast-moving retail industry. We employ the latest technology to give you a competitive edge. Advanced gravitational models visualize the dynamics that shape specific trade areas. Predict how a competitor will impact your business and weigh the effects of distinct go-to-market strategies.