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Spotlight On: Yue Luo, Spatial Data Expert at Targomo

By Luisa Sieveking | 26 January 2022
Yue, spatial data expert at Targomo

Yue, spatial data expert at Targomo


What happens when you mix a lifelong love of location intelligence with a deep-seated passion for spatial data? Just ask Yue Luo.

A graduate of China University of Geosciences, Yue Luo sits within our data sciences team, where she is responsible for analyzing data to generate detailed, actionable insights and predictions that ultimately help influence decisions for Targomo customers. 

Yue’s road to Targomo was quite linear. A background in Geographical Information Science (GIS) and merging spatial statistics with machine learning methods led Yue to further her studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo. There she obtained a PhD in Geography, before leaving academia behind to relocate to Germany and join Targomo. “My passion for GIS was strong from the very beginning, and I’m lucky to have found the perfect opportunity at Targomo that allows me to pursue it professionally while continuously enhancing my skills and knowledge. As one of the leading locational intelligence companies, I love that Targomo acknowledges the importance of utilizing spatial statistical methods to find solutions for a variety of industries.”

In other words, Targomo is the perfect professional fit for her particular skill set. “It’s my first full time role, and as expected, it’s quite different from academia. Professionally, the pace is much faster, and the deliverables are of course results-oriented. In the academic world, it’s the exact opposite. It’s more about taking the time to research topics, and thoroughly understanding and articulating the process to derive results. With that said, while my role at Targomo is challenging, it’s equally as rewarding, thanks to my supportive, approachable, and inclusive colleagues that constantly motivate me.”

Aside from preparing data to continuously explore models and implementing new ideas to optimize methodology performance, Yue spends her days on everything from routing and location selection to revenue prediction and driver analysis. “I like that Targomo offers me the luxury to be creative, and the freedom to try and experiment with ideas.” The one aspect of her role she loves the most? “Receiving customer feedback in real time. I’m able to see how beneficial my work is to their business, and how I was able to help improve solutions based on their specific needs.”

Lastly, data isn’t her only passion. Outside of the office, Yue starts each morning moving through a vinyasa flow to set her intentions and prepare for the day. After hours, Yue loves to explore international great food. “I love sharing good food with friends and coworkers!”

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