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Supporting Businesses during Pandemic: Free Delivery Planning

By | 03 April 2020

Supporting businesses during the coronavirus crisis: Free route- and delivery-planning tool

To help businesses, organizations and people during the coronavirus pandemic, Targomo is offering route- and delivery-planning serviceThe tool, TargomoFLEET light, will help users to quickly plan optimal routes for one or several vehicles, including bicycles, whether to deliver goods door-to-door or plan patients visits. The platform is available here: app.targomo.com/fleet 

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many shops and restaurants to close their doors and triggered a boom in delivery services. To help local businesses and organizations get their products and services to customers and keep their business running during the crisis, Berlin-based location intelligence startup Targomo has developed a route- and delivery-planning service. With just a few clicks and free of charge, users can schedule the best routes for their deliveries.

While ordinary navigation services only allow to plan routes from A to B with some stopovers and for a single vehicle, TargomoFLEET light calculates routes for up to 30 stops and fleets of up to five vehicles and bicycles each. For both types of transportation, the user can specify load capacity, the maximum time per trip, and the average time with a customer.

“In many countries, the lockdown has a devastating effect on retailers and other businesses,” says Patrick Schoenemann, CEO of Targomo. “We’d like to use our expertise in geoanalytics, artificial intelligence and routing to help those affected and keep their business running. I am proud of the Targomo team, which has shown great commitment in the development process.”

Supporting businesses during the coronavirus crisis: Free route- and delivery-planning tool, visible on this map.

Calculating the Optimal Delivery Route

The idea for TargomoFLEET light was born during a hackathon, which the Targomo team held over the weekend. The goal was to use location intelligence technology during the coronavirus crisis in a meaningful way and to help those suffering from the pandemic.

The tool uses complex routing algorithms to calculate the optimal delivery routes within seconds, and make the delivery as efficient as possible. Not only retailers can benefit from the delivery and route planner. The technology also allows doctors, nurses or health authority employees to determine the optimal routes for their customer or patient visits within a very short time. TargomoFLEET light is now available.

TargomoFLEET light at a glance:

  • Efficient route planning for up to 30 stops
  • For up to 5 cars and 5 bikes
  • Set load capacities
  • Set maximum trip time
  • Set average time with customers
  • Available in English and German
  • Online at app.targomo.com/fleet


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