Your Location Optimization Platform.

Take a closer look on what TargomoLOOP
can do and how it supports you to optimize businesses through Location Intelligence.

Clustering & Profiling

Profile locations by characteristics and build peer groups for analyses. Find target opportunities with same structures or compare with other parts from your infrastructure.

Location Benchmarking

Benchmark locations by their KPIs and compare with others from your network. Match potential new targets with existing good and bad ones.

Expansion & Reduction

Expose interesting new locations for expanding your business or plan where to move existing ones to increase their value.

White Spot

Visualize potential unknown new targets by defining segments of customers, locations or mobility criteria for expansion and increased market share. Uncover new trending spots first.

Competitor Monitoring

Know where your competitors are and compare locations between. Work on plans how to react on expansion or reduction of your market competition and always know where they are moving.

Assortment Optimization

Arrange assortments per location by detecting trends and needs of customers. Increase value of locations and attract more buyers with optimal product range portfolio or offerings.

Turnover Prediction

Uncover turnover potential by simulating different optimization scenarios by analyzing your own data sets. Get an economical feeling for your plans and strategies and reduce risk.

What-if Analyses

Use intuitive tools and discover how customer catchments, KPIs or revenue depend on changes inside or outside of your organization.

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