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Targomo’s Tool on Germany’s Largest Real Estate Portal, ImmoScout24: Short Commute Times thanks to OfficeFinder

By Targomo | 18 May 2020

Targomo’s OfficeFinder tool is now available to customers of ImmoScout24 Gewerbe (ImmoScout24 Commercial Property). With the new OfficeFinder tool, Germany’s leading real estate portal ImmoScout24 and location intelligence specialist Targomo offer a technical solution that enables employers to take into account employees’ commute times when searching for a new office location. This makes it easy to find the “most commuter-friendly” office.

Targomo’s tool on Germany's largest real estate portal, ImmoScout24: Short commute times thanks to OfficeFinder

The tool is now available during a test phase on the commercial property portal of ImmoScout24.

Targomo uses artificial intelligence and highly developed routing technologies to analyze an office location’s reachability. Within seconds, the tool calculates the commute times to the office for all specified employee addresses and determines whether a car, public transport, bicycle or on foot is the quickest way to reach the destination. On a map, employers can see which areas are best reachable for their employees. After they have selected a potential office location, the tool calculates the average commute time for the workforce. In addition, OfficeFinder shows for each employee on an interactive map which transportation mode is the fastest to reach the office.

“Length and duration of the commute to work impact quality of life and work-life balance. Thanks to OfficeFinder, employers looking for a new office at ImmoScout24 Commercial Property can now take this into account, and find out how commute times and distances change for employees with just a few clicks”, explains Aleksandra Petseva, Head of Product Innovation at ImmoScout24. “By integrating this innovative and data-driven tool, we are helping our users to make better and more informed decisions, thus making office selection easier”.

Patrick Schönemann, Targomo’s CEO, is convinced that OfficeFinder can improve quality of life: “More than 22 million employees in Germany need 30 to 60 minutes to get to work. Almost 5 million need more than one hour. We want to do our part to shorten these commute times. If we succeed in reducing the figures by only 5 or 10 percent, we would have more time overall that we could use at work, with our loved ones or for our hobbies.” *

About Targomo

Using artificial intelligence and big data, Targomo’s location intelligence platform analyzes geospatial data to unlock the full potential of location information for any company or organization without the need for specialized knowledge. Users gain valuable insights to increase revenues, save costs and gain decisive competitive advantages. Targomo was founded in 2013 and is based in Berlin and Potsdam. Customers in Germany and abroad are successfully using the platform: real estate or retail companies forecast the potential of locations and optimize offers or delivery routes. Public transport companies in Norway use Targomo to optimize their route planning and better adapt it to their needs. More information: www.targomo.com

About ImmoScout24

ImmoScout24 (www.immobilienscout24.de) is the leading online platform for residential and commercial properties in Germany. For over 20 years, ImmoScout24 has been revolutionizing the property market and every month supports 14 million users on their way to their new home or suitable commercial space. That’s why 96 percent of the target group knows ImmoScout24. With its digital solutions, the online marketplace provides orientation and successfully brings together owners, estate agents and those looking for property. ImmoScout24 is working towards the goal of handling property transactions digitally and, thereby, of making complex decisions easier for its users. ImmoScout24 has also been active on the Austrian residential and commercial market since 2012 and reaches around 3 million searchers every month.

* https://www.destatis.de/DE/Themen/Arbeit/Arbeitsmarkt/Erwerbstaetigkeit/Tabellen/pendler1.html?nn=206552 and https://www.bbsr.bund.de/BBSR/DE/Home/Topthemen/pendeln.html

For more information, please contact:

Targomo, Gilbert Kreijger or Luisa Sieveking


ImmoScout24, Silke Birkholz


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