Travel Times API
Calculate precise travel times to a large number of targets.

Key Features

  • Optimized for high volume to measure lots of points at once
  • Ideal for sorting and filtering locations, on a map or non-geographic manner

Why not just use polygons?

In typical geographic information systems, reachability tests are often carried out via Point-In-Polygon tests. Several problems occur due to these tests:

  1. We need to generate the polygons first
  • Depending on the complexity of the polygon, especially for transit polygons and high travel times, this can be a time consuming task
  1. We need to transfer the generated polygon over the wire (unzipped polygons for large travel times can be >2MB in size) and we have to render them
  2. The Point-In-Polygon test (PIP) needs to be performed
  • This is actually a complex task and can take a lot of time in case of a large number of targets and huge polygons
  1. Point-In-Polygon tests won’t give you precise travel times for your targets - only “in” or “out”

To sum this up: Our isochrones are great for visualizing travel times. For analyzing them, use our Travel Time API.