Places Layers API

Enhance your maps with Points of Interest.

Key Features

  • Easy integration of POIs in your map – all at once or categorized to your needs
  • Clustering of adjacent similar points to keep maps clean-looking

Use Scenarios

Augment basemap with tiled, grouped place types

Toggle on and off globally available place classes to add reference to the map.

Show concentrations of place types by hexagons

Setting layerType=hexagon allows the aggregation of points of interest to show hot-spots.


Basic inputs (see docs for more)

  • osm groups: hierarchy groups (i.e. all clothing store tags grouped together = g_clothing - see all hierarchies)
  • osm types: array of key:value pairs of desired OSM point types
  • layer type: “node” for point or “hexagon” for aggregating points to a hexagon coverage
  • many, many more…


Basic inputs (see docs for more)

  • json array: Array of all matched places
  • Tiled Outputs
    • MVT: Mapbox Vector Tile format with
    • Tiled GeoJSON: ZXY tile containing GeoJSON FeatureClass (Polygons or Point, depending on layer type configuration)

Operations counting strategy for public use

One tile request counts as one operation.

1,000,000 tiles could be requested with the 300 € monthly use-credit.