As one of the most competitive industries, real estate decision depend on the amount, quality, and timeliness of data. Yet, price, investment, and marketing strategies are still commonly based on intuition rather than on detailed analytics. Learn how Targomo enables businesses to harness the power of location intelligence and artificial intelligence for their real estate challenges in order to stay ahead in a highly dynamic market.


These customers use our solutions to transform their real estate business.


Property Value Assessment

By bringing together advanced geospatial analytics and AI, Targomo is able to provide the most comprehensive view of a property’s micro location. By utilizing large-scale geo-referenced data, we will help you to identify the Location Performance Indicators that drive the success of specific assets. Make systematic investment decisions, adjust your prices, and identify emerging trends before your competition.


Asset Development

Leverage Targomo’s solutions for your suitability assessments and rely on Location Performance Indicators forecasting the performance you can expect according to different utilization concepts. Safely discover new growth potentials, try out different diversification strategies, and consider innovative ways to expand your network.


Precise Customer Targeting

With Targomo, you will fully understand how a certain property fits into to the economic and social landscape of its surrounding neighborhood. There is no longer a need for potential tenants to have to find your specific offer among hundred competing ones: We’ll deliver the data that enables you to identify which prospects suit your property best and why.


Personalized User Experience on Your Platform

Targomo’s advanced reach-based services and beautiful maps enable your prospects to explore a property’s neighborhood according to their preferred means of transport as well as lifestyle priorities. Interactive visualizations aggregating sociodemographic data and POIs (Points of Interest) will add relevance and meaning to your customer’s experience.

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