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How much does it cost to use the Targomo API?link

The Targomo API for public use includes a credit of 300 € each month. As you use the APIs, any operations you accrue will not be charged until they exceed the 300 € credit. Beyond the credit, the operations for each API are assigned costs based on the costs per operation charts on the pricing page.

Is this service available for my geographic region?link

Targomo’s API services offer global coverage. For walk, bike, and car modes, the coverage comes from OpenStreetMap project, and is global in nature. For transit mode, coverage is determined by available GTFS data. See our coverage page for full details.

What do I need to attribute to use Targomo Services?link

You need to attribute Targomo Services and OpenStreetMap Contributors, as our services derive travel times based on OpenStreetMap data. Depending on your region, you may need to attribute other data providers. Unless otherwise agreed upon, you must include our logo, along with a link to our attribution page. Guidelines can be found at the attribution page. Custom plans can be arranged which allow attribution-free use - contact us if this is a requirement.

Where do I get my API key?link

You can see our offering on the pricing page. When you sign up for a plan, your API key will be emailed to you, and will likewise be available on your dashboard.


What coordinate system are the polygons in?link

By default, the polygons are in the web mercator projection, which is the current de facto for web maps.


How is an operation counted?link

Several factors influence how a request to our APIs translates into operations

  • maxRoutingtime: each 60 minutes is counted as 1 operation
  • sources(and targets): each source is counted as 1 operation. If the API accepts targets as well, each 100 targets counts as 1 operation
  • routing intersections: for multigraph API, any intersection mode other than “routing_union” counts as 2x operations. For non-multigraph APIs, any intersection mode other than “union” counts as 2x operations

factors are multiplicative: 2 sources routing to 60 minutes would equal 2*2 or 4 total operations.

What does 'Private-Use/OEM' mean?link

Any utilization of our APIs which are not freely accessible to the public are classified as “Private-Use/OEM”. This includes internally used applications, paid-use applications, and use in offline analyses. If your use isn’t public, you need to contact sales to get our private use pricing.

What payment types are accepted?link

We accept all major credit cards. If you have special billing requirements, please contact our sales team.

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