Basemaps API

Get custom maps as reference base layer for your geospatial data visualization.

Key Features

  • Global raster and vector basemaps, ready to use
  • Available in different map styles and languages

Use Scenarios

Build maps from the ground up

Vector and raster basemap tiles available for making maps with MaboxGL/MaplibreGL, OpenLayers, LeafletJS, DeckGL, etc.


Basic inputs (see docs for more)

  • Basic Inputs


Basic inputs (see docs for more)

  • Tiled Outputs
    • PBF: Mapbox Vector Tile format
    • PNG: Image tiles
  • JSON Outputs
    • gl style: style json for gl mapping libraries
    • TileJSON: TileJSON format for supported platforms

Operations counting strategy for public use

One tile request counts as one operation.

1,000,000 tiles could be requested with the 300 € monthly use-credit.