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Customers & Partners

“In the future, TargomoLOOP will make it much easier for us to evaluate new restaurant locations in terms of the relevant catchment area. The sound data basis and the intuitive interface were decisive factors in favor of a decision for TargomoLOOP.”

Andreas Weber, Head of Real Estate bei McDonald’s Deutschland
"TargomoLOOP allows us to plan our site locations much more effectively and quickly. Before, we spent weeks doing research, now we can make decisions in a matter of days."
Luukas Castren, Head of Expansion at ghost kitchen platform huuva
„Mit der Plattform TargomoLOOP können wir viel schneller Rankings und Vergleiche potenzieller zukünftiger Standorte erstellen. Mit Targomo bekommen wir die Auswertung auf Knopfdruck.“
Jörg Fockenberg, Director International Expansion bei der RSG Gruppe (McFit, Gold's Gym)
„Targomos White Spot Analyse bildet eine wichtige Grundlage für unsere Expansions-Arbeit. Wir suchen konsequent in diesen Gebieten nach neuen Standorten und analysieren sehr genau, ob das, was aus den Daten abgeleitet werden kann, auch in der Praxis umsetzbar ist.“
Andreas Weber, Head of Real Estate bei McDonald’s Deutschland
“The Targomo API is technically impressive and easy to integrate. Within one month we were ready to launch our new feature. Plus, their team was always there to help with the process.”
Amel Taibi, Head of Product at Seloger, a leading real estate platform in France
“We use TargomoLOOP for both the optimization of our network as well as expansion. We can use reliable data sets and discover new areas to set up partnerships.”
Fabian Zimmermann, Business Development at DrSmile, a leading dental care company
„Per Knopfdruck lassen sich Kannibalisierungseffekte für die Berechnung ein- und ausschalten.“
Andreas Reitz, Director Development & Expansion bei der Gustoso Gruppe
„Die Arbeit mit Targomo zahlt sich für uns aus. Ich schätze insbesondere auch die intuitive Benutzer-Oberfläche von Targomo, die uns die tägliche Arbeit enorm erleichtert.“
Andreas Weber, Head of Real Estate bei McDonald’s Deutschland

McDonald’s opts for Location Intelligence from Targomo

McDonald's plans their expansion with Targomo as its new partner. The fast-food chain uses the platform TargomoLOOP to plan new restaurant locations in Germany.

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A Swiss Real Estate Platform Personalized Property Search

newhome has been able to lower their exit rate & bounce rates by 15% after it enabled users to consider commute time during search and added POIs as a listing feature.

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