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Deliver Better Services to Your Citizens

Modern cities face many challenges, from urbanization to environmental concerns and urban mobility. Targomo empowers decision makers with advanced geospatial analytics to improve public management and deliver better services. To analyze a location with relevant data, try our location analytics platform, free of charge.

Public Services

Governments plan for the future by understanding today. We merge demographic and economic data with reachability and mobility analysis. Targomo’s powerful analytics identify current and future needs. With our interactive visualizations you find the best locations for new schools, nurseries, or health centers

Public Transport

How many citizens can reach a train station within five, ten, or twenty minutes—and by which means? Targomo analyzes catchment areas based on reachability calculations. We also add sociodemographic and economic data as well as points of interest. Our interactive maps simulate the effects of new stops, different schedules or construction works. Now, cities can analyze the quality of their public transportation system on a granular level. Find out how Oslo's transport authority uses our services.

Alternative Mobility Services

Scooters, car-sharing or shuttles: Modern mobility constantly evolves. Targomo calculates the optimal route between multiple stops, taking into account complex constraints. Integrating demographic data allows us to anticipate shifting demands and respond dynamically. The result: Shorter planning cycles, seamless services, and lower costs.