Getränke Hoffmann operates 314 stores with a revenue of more than €250mn per year. Getränke Hoffmann was looking for possibilities to reduce complexity in managing the existing store network and also to improve data driven expansion planning. The main goal was to increase the speed of data-driven decision making in both areas, with the biggest challenge being the connection and combination of various data sources.



Targomo provided its platform and integrated Getränke Hoffmann relevant business data relating to their store network, sociodemographic data, buying power data and more. With the help of the Targomo analytics layer, management of existing store networks can be accomplished in real time. Calculations behind analytics are undertaken on transportation grid networks and therefore enable much more precise analyses than using radiuses. Regarding expansion all available locations (with a direct interface to real estate listings) can be shown and evaluated according to a predefined set of different KPIs.
The platform can also show the optimal combination of, for example, 6 new out of 49 available locations. The best possible locations get displayed according to various KPI goals, thereby ensuring a real time management of the optimal store network. Furthermore potential new store effects on existing network can be calculated and displayed. By being a web based platform and having a superior interface, the solution is accessible for everyone.



Getränke Hoffmann is now able to handle all aspects of store network planning in real time and can make fast decisions regarding potential new locations.

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