Our Solutions

The potential use cases of the Targomo platform are extremely diverse, as we work with almost any number of data sources. As soon as geo data comes into play, Targomo is the right solution. Take at look at some of our solutions below or reach out to us if you have a different use case.

Location Analysis

Do you plan to analyze and optimize your branch network? Are you looking for the best opportunities for your expansion? Targomo sharpens the strategic instrument of location planning. We don’t just think from A to B. We also tell you how many people, who or which places in total are within your reach. Targomo can even tell you which place can be reached by most people in a given time. Find out how this benefits our customers – be it retailers, banks or classifieds.

Real Estate

Targomo offers a new dimension of professional property evaluation. With our powerful analysis methods, you have access to a wealth of additional information and higher data quality. Knowledge gives you a head start – for your own portfolio management, your real estate marketplace or to find new objects.

Public Sector

Predictive Infrastructure Management, demand planning in the health care sector, or optimization of public transport and traffic flows – Targomo strengthens the public sector with networked thinking. Our platform enables in-depth analysis and new insights – for the benefit of the citizens.

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